30. A Book by Ryan Ammon

Angeline of "Love Thread Project"

Angeline of "Love Thread Project"

After a successful exhibition in October 2016, I'm putting together the images into my 3rd book release. 

The end goal of this project was always a printed book, featuring the portraits and gracefully given words from those involved. Expressions of interest are available to be made below to be notified when the books are ready to order. 50% proceeds from sales are going towards Love Thread Project, an organisation that I am proud to support. "Love Thread Project is a multi-faceted collaborative platform for the ultimate purpose to provide education, restoration and empowerment for women at risk. Their mission is to use fashionable and creative ventures to combat social injustice against women." - www.lovethreadproject.org

The book features 30 portraits of people who have inspired, influenced or supported me in life. Each portrait is accompanied by a piece of advice to help guide and inspire others to also reach their full potential. As a full time freelance photographer, I'm actively working in a career that I love and am passionate about. To get to where I am today there are so many people I can thank for contributing to my journey, with their support, creating opportunities and sharing some insightful words that allowed me to spread my wings. Being multi-racial myself, the collection also aims to be diverse as I am proud to work in and support multicultural environments.

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